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Promoting wonder, discovery, and connection through immersive nature experiences.

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Southern Utah Nature School (SUN School) offers experiential, play-based and place-based learning in the natural splendor of Southern Utah.

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Wrens: Toddlers and Caregivers
Roadrunners: ages 3-6
Ravens: ages 7-12


Each Nature School class is filled with opportunities for children to explore, learn new skills, connect with their peers, think creatively, and experience the wonders of the natural world. Classes are fully outdoors, and each session’s activities are shaped by the natural events of the day and the interests and needs of the children. Small mixed-age groups create a close and caring community of learners and leaders who play, discover, and learn together.


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Happy Parent


My children spent 6 weeks of their summer with Katherine for the past 4 summers. Every day was the best day out in the woods. The children played for hours, explored endlessly, and learned much more than what was explicitly taught. Katherine taught us to be kind to everyone, yoga, poetry, to walk lightly on the earth and how to just be. She created the space for childhood to flourish in all of its glory. The kids would play in the dirt, climb trees, make forts, create art, act out plays, play endless hours of banana tag, and always have something interesting to show Ms. Katherine. Every time a child would say, “ Ms. Katherine I have something to show you or come see this, or what is this? she would have the same excited and inquisitive reaction. Every time. She would have the same smile and happy way about herself if it was pouring rain and oh so cold or if she was melting in the heat of the summer sun.  She was our mentor and guide as we adventured out in the rain, wind, sun, snow, cold, heat and whatever else nature brought our way. Katherine embodies what it means to be mindful, to be a steward, and to be connected to all living things.”

- April R.

Happy Parent


We were very fortunate to have Katherine as the lead teacher for four years of my daughter’s nature school. Her calm friendly demeanor make her easily approachable. Her passion for and knowledge of the natural world, along with a commitment to child-led exploration and play, make her the perfect guide for a day outdoors.

- Sara C.

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